Korea Eureka Day 2023

Korea-Eureka Innovation Forum
The Korea-Eureka Innovation Forum is a symbolic opening event that brings together senior officials from the Korean government and Eureka to kick off Korea Eureka Day 2023. Greetings from key stakeholders will be followed by keynote presentations on Eureka's global strategy and examples of technical cooperation between Korea and Eureka.
Eureka Academy
What is Eureka? Eureka, of which Korea has been a member since 2009, is an open funding programme for European and non-European countries, providing funding for international collaborative research between academia and industry in different countries. The Eureka Academy explains the different programmes, how to apply and tips on securing funding.
Thematic Idea Pitch
Korea and Europe are key technology cooperation partners in building shared prosperity and a sustainable future. Hear from and network with Korean and European companies in the fields of next-generation semiconductors, future mobility and future energy.
Country Seminar
Korea Eureka Day 2023 will be attended by delegates from various countries supporting international collaborative research with Korea. Get to know each country's industrial innovation policies and globally competitive companies, and gain a competitive edge for future technology cooperation.
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19 July – 25 October, 2023
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